Gift Cards

Friends and family members are certain to appreciate a Freeport Braintree Gift Card.

When you find yourself struggling to think of a suitable gift for your loved ones or a close friend purchase a Freeport Braintree Gift Card. You can put anything from £10 upwards onto the card which is accepted in every one of our stores. You can buy a Gift Card at our Tourist Information Centre.

The full amount on the Gift Card doesn’t have to be spent all at once. You can use it on separate visits and carry the balance over. To find out what balance is left on the Gift Card visit Get My Balance or call:

Balance Enquiry – Tel: 0845 355 0525
Gift Card Support – Tel: 0845 686 2273

The card will expire 12 months from its original activation.

*up to a maximum of £250, though special cases and corporate enquiries can be authorised by prior arrangement.

For further details:
Telephone: 01376 348 168