Brands / Windsmoor

The ultimate quintessential British brand, Windsmoor have been producing outerwear solutions since 1933 and we are delighted to have their products available at Freeport Braintree inside the Jacques Vert store. Three brothers who had long-standing experience in tailoring were responsible for creating the Windsmoor name and had a determination only to utilise the very finest materials in all of the outerwear rolled out. Their slogan “Look your best in Windsmoor” says everything you need to know about the brand and the incredibly high standards they continuously adhere to.

Windsmoor even caught the attention of John Betjeman who mentioned the brand name in his famous poem entitled ‘Middlesex’ back in 1954. The status of Windsmoor has remained prominent throughout its history, becoming one of the most famous clothing brands for fashion-conscious mature women. Their quilted jackets and faux fur collar coats enjoy particular popularity.

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